This one’s for the adventurous souls !!

As I was spending time in Nepal doing my dream trek to the Mt.Everest Base Camp(EBC), I also decide to do something which was on my bucket-list from a long time – A Bungee Jump. Having severe acrophobia, I wanted to get rid of it in a way which was more memorable than daunting. I had heard and read about this place in Nepal which is world famous for Bungee Jumping and the thought of going there was running behind my mind even before we had decided the itinerary for the EBC trek itself. And the excitement for the EBC trek itself was so overpowering that this remained a back burner in my mind at that point.

I had heard about this place in Nepal which offered plethora of adventure sports, and the name of the place itself instilled fear in many to back-off from even a thought of being there. It’s called The Last Resort. We had done our ground study much ahead about the place for safety setups as this wasn’t a child’s game and were satisfied to have known about its standards. Once in Nepal and before I started my trek to Mt.Everest, I had made sure to get a booking done for a slot of Bungee Jump for a date falling after my return date from the trek. Myself and two of my friends visited their Sales Office in Thamel which was twenty steps away from the legendary Hotel Garuda where we were staying. Once we made ourselves comfortable, we were called over to the counter and briefed about the different adventure sports & packages by their sales executive. We took the simplest package to Bungee Jump which was a One Day Kathmandu – The Last Resort – Kathmandu package which included travel from and to Kathmandu, Lunch and High Tea. The resort itself is 3 hours drive from Kathmandu.

So, as the day arrived, and with the fresh confidence of having successfully completed EBC trek, we were eagerly waiting for the adventurous day to unfold. We were required to reach The Last Resort sales office in Thamel at 6:30 am to be picked up by a bus which would take us all the way to the place where the real Fun is. Me and my friend reached the place on time and had our morning Chai at the shop round the corner(Like in India, you would find a lot of chai-walas in most of the corners in Nepal). As people started coming in, our coterie seemed larger than what I anticipated, in all we had two buses full of adventurous folks from around the world who had decided to jump off a 160m high suspension bridge on that day. After some confusion and the ritualistic 45 odd minutes delay, we started off on the 3 hours journey. The route is quite boring for the first hour having a lot of concrete structures around with less greens, but gets better after that as we start moving into the valley. We had a pit-stop en route for tea-n-snacks after around 2 hours of drive and reached The Last Resort in an hour after that.

As we stepped out of the bus and trying to figure out where the resort is, we were kind of thrilled by the sound of gushing water around which was still invisible to us. The Last Resort is located on top of a river gorge close to the Tibetan border. My eyes fell on the entrance to a bridge suspended on a high cliff-top gorge and all of a sudden, the puzzle pieces in mind started to fall in place, forming an image which was quite mysterious and a bit daunting. I realized that to get to the resort, one has to cross the bridge which was suspended over the wild Bhote Kosi River connecting the two edges of the high cliff-tops. As we crossed the entrance, the real valley view opened up and that was a scary sight for the first glimpse.

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Later, the same bridge becomes the launching point for all adventure sports like Bungee Jump and Canyon Swing. We crossed the bridge and also the point from which we would be jumping off in a while. As we entered the resort, natural and earthen aura took over my senses. Though modern, it has that rustic look which makes it quite an awesome place to relax amidst the green surroundings. We were headed straight to their open bar come lounge area named “Instant Karma” so that we could relax for a while. In a short while, each one of us was weighed and our weights were inked on our hands as a reference and based on weight categorization, we were split into two groups. It was already noon and one group started their Bungee jumping ritual while the other had their lunch. The Bungee Jumping process was quite lengthy as the safety and precautionary measures were not compromised at any cost for every individual. The entire group was asked to stand on that bridge and one by one the folks jumped off the bridge. It was an chilling experience for the first timers, but only for a while before they took the plunge, once off, it was an awesome feeling. I have never been so tensed in my life as you can see me in that video, my face says it all. But nevertheless it was an experience which I want to re-live at an even higher spot for bungee jumping, may be a sky dive coming soon, huh ? :P.

You can get your Bungee Jump video recorded and put in a DVD at some additional cost and also buy some souvenirs like T-shirts, Mugs etc at the shop there. In the evening, once the entire group is done for the day and High Tea being served, we get to watch compilation of some really funny and good jumps of that day in the common lounge area. The 3 hour ride back to Kathmandu was quite fulfilling !! Overall an amazing experience !! I would highly recommend this place to others.

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Place: The Last Resort
Country: Nepal
Nearest Major City: Kathmandu
Mode of Transport: Road vehicles, usually small buses or cars
Package: Minimum – one day