To travel is to take a journey into yourself ~St. Augustine

The above words summarize in a line what traveling fundamentally is. But to live those words to the fullest means taking a leap of faith into the unknown. That unknown, which unfolds so many experiences that transform us and eventually become LIFE itself. On a lighter note, cutting off yourself from the daily chores, slowing down a bit and surrounding yourself with new people and being at new places can be an engaging and fulfilling experience. There are many reasons one can find to travel, and below are my 9 reasons to travel.

To be a child again

Have u seen the curiosity in the eyes of a toddler? The enthusiasm to learn something new and the happiness derived from it, those “first-time” experiences opening up to life’s enrichment and the sense of contentment. Well, that’s just the beginning. When you travel aimlessly without any preconceived notions about the places or the people, you are fueling that child within you and that is rewarding by itself.

To know yourself better

We humans tend to live life in more or less a scheduled timetable to perform duties which makes our growth a limited function of time. Nothing can be as good as Traveling to know yourself better as you get lost into the unknown from the boundaries of your daily life. When you break the shackles of that confinement you live in, you get to see yourself evolved. Traveling gives that opportunity, time and situation which opens you up to new challenges and experiences which can help you identify your hidden strengths and helps you overcome some innate fears. Traveling also provides the platform to contemplate which all of us need at some point in life.

Makes you rich

Yes that’s right. Meeting new people, experiencing new culture, new surroundings and circumstances, enjoying new cuisines and visiting new places. All these add up to your richness. The friends you would make around the world, the experienced gourmet that you would turn into, the intellectually affluent person you would be and the fearless explorer you would become, all this would add up strongly in your contentment kitty. And the story telling that follows these experiences would even put to shame a man with really deep pockets who can’t travel.

For a new perspective

Most of the times we are confined within the boundaries drawn by our mind’s reach which is in turn moderated by our perceptions and limited experiences as compared to the diversity globally. When you travel, you come out of those perceptions and get exposed to new people and their mind set which can add new dimensions to your thinking. When you meet new people and share your thought process on varied topics, you may get to know so much which your mind had never perceived to be true. This can be rewarding as it enriches your thoughts and makes you broad minded. And the view of life from a totally new pair of eyes, where you are an outsider, can be highly rewarding.

Makes you confident and independent

Traveling surely takes you out of your comfort zone. The impromptu changes in itinerary, new place, new people, sometimes new language to deal with, all this and much more gives you the ability to slow you down to a pace where you start identifying your traits in those situations. Every new experience makes you more stronger and ready to take on any challenges. Be it navigating for a good meal in France, or a walk in the most notorious street in Katmandu, to even getting invited for a conversation over Chai in Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, it all grooms you to be a one man army with unshakeable confidence.

For the inspiration

Sometimes life becomes such a rut that you need a break to come out of it with zest. Traveling to places which are rich in its history, heritage, culture, food can be awe inspiring. A visit to a European museum, to see the hieroglyphs depicting the life of a Pharaoh, to see a war memorial or may be even a walk in the rain in a romantic city, can be sometimes be a medium to inspire you to do things that you always dreamt off.

To seek a purpose

Can be philosophical, but it’s a fact that many people even in their mid age are not able to identify what makes them happy and what they really want to do in life. Also, most of the people can’t cross over the social stigma to live life as they would have dreamt off, but traveling can sometimes act as the catalyst in the process to introspect on the strengths and weaknesses of a human and to eventually identify something that contents you.

To relax

With the fast paced life we live in, everyone burns out at a point in time and we all need a relaxing and pampering break. Travel can surely give you that much needed time to reorganize. Be it a trek in the Himalayan ranges, or a country side stay in some of the most beautiful villages of France, travel can surely help you unwind.

For the thrill

Have you been an audience to someone’s storytelling of an adventure trip filled with bungee jumping or sky diving or trek in the wilderness, or some explorative travel like a journey on the Silk Road or that of a visit to Morocco, how about actually living one of those tales? Usually it’s the human nature to seek the unknown and being experimentative. Travel can surely fuel your adventurous and explorative soul.

So what are you waiting for, book a ticket, go somewhere you haven’t gone, meet new people, explore new places, live life and tell a tale worth an adventure.