Howdy ! My name is Sapan Patel. I am a traveler, explorer, writer and an amateur photographer. And by profession I love to munch on DATA, crunch it and make some business sense out of it.

Myself Truly

Wanderlust – As far as I can recall, it all started in yore, when my family moved to Bangalore from Ahmedabad that the seed of wanderlust was sowed in me. Being in grade 2 at that time, would not have made much of a difference to me from being in a historically rich city to that of being in the garden capital of India, but the regular 1500 KM train journeys made from one city to the other left me with the most pleasing memories of travel with myriad experiences. But since then, the wanderlust in me has never been put to rest, rather as I grew and each subsequent travel that I undertook, has made me more hungry to travel, explore and meet new people. I have traveled the length and breadth of my country and around it. Be it from the coastal edges of Gujarat to the remote corners of Himachal to that of Southern India. I travel to explore, experience, learn and get inspired.
Adventurous – With travel, sometimes the adventures come along free :). My first trek was when I had completed my 10th grade that we went in a group to the foothills of Himalayas and trekked at various places like Raniketh, Kasoni, Almora and Nainital. I had loved the experience and the thrill it accompanied and since then I have trekked quite heavily in the 4 states of southern Indian and in and around the Himalayan region. My adventurous spirit reached the zenith when I did the Mt.Everest Base Camp Trek which is once in a lifetime experience in itself. Adventures dint just stop at trekking, I have managed to Bungee Jump from the 6th Highest Bungee point[160m] in the world at The Last Resort in Nepal. Someday I would love to Sky Dive as well.
Writer – I always wanted to write and paint. Though the Painting part remained mainly in the daydreaming activities after school days, writing was once a hobby in school and college days. I read quite a bit and do manage to write some really good doggerels. Now with ever growing better perspectives of life than that of a toddler’s, I want to focus on writing with better commitment. This is one of the reason which culminated in “There And Back Again“.
Photographer – In this world where everyone who owns a DSLR thinks himself as a Magnum Photographer, I humbly consider myself to be an average photographer. I have graduated from a reel based Kodak camera to a Nikon P80 over the years and I am planning to buy a DSLR soon. I really love the way photography speaks a language and conveys so much without words. There is so much to explore in this field and I have just begun the journey. Through the lens I usually like to capture Nature, Human Aspects, Abstractness, Vibrancy and Black & Whites.
Data Scientist – Professionally I am a Software Engineer with focus on Data Centric Software Development. I munch on DATA, crunch it and try to make some business sense out of it. I love the field of Data Science and believe in the fact that it can play a major role in decision making of all sorts. More on my Professional Summary Page.
Entrepreneurship Buff – I hail from a community in India in which the words entrepreneurship and business run in the blood. I am well connected to the start-up community in Bangalore and love to keep track of the happenings. One day may be I will have an Inc.

Welcome To There And Back Again

Hello, welcome to There And Back Again. You have landed on my virtual space where I love to share some moments of my life. My site has three major blocks. TALE – Where I usually write about my Travels, Adventures, Living and Exploring/Eating which I am passionate about. My Data Lab – Where I write about the field of Data Science which I work on and some technical topics within its realm. And finally Brain Farts – Where I pour out some random thoughts when my neurons get tickled while handling day-to-day life chores. Apart from writing, I also have Photography section where you can view few of my clicks which I will keep updating on regular basis. Hope you enjoy reading. Also, if you share the same passion for similar topics or any other topic for that matter, or in case you just want to say Hi, feel free to connect with me on any platform below, I would always love to talk to you. :)

Why There And Back Again

The Road goes ever on and on, Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And I must follow, if I can, Pursuing it with eager feet, Until it joins some larger way, Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say. ~ Bilbo Baggins

Life is nothing but an adventure. As I said above, I get inspired by travel and I look forward to my life where I can travel around the world and experience the unknown. With this attitude and my passion for reading and writing, I couldn’t have thought of a better name to my site than There And Back Again. Those of you who are an ardent fan of Lord Of The Rings like me are already smiling. This was the name of the book written by Bilbo Baggins about the best adventure he undertook in his life and in which he accounts the entire journey. I believe we all live our own versions of There And Back Again and should write about it. I have just begun mine, I would love to read yours as well :)


  • Bungee Jump
  • Sky Dive
  • Travel Travel and Travel More Around the World
  • Trek To Everest Base Camp
  • Backpack As Well As Drive Extensively Within Europe And Central Asia
  • Travel The Silk Road(By Road & By Trans-Siberian Railway)
  • Learn at least 4 Different Languages
  • Write & Publish A Lot
  • Taste World Cuisine
  • Open A Tea Lounge
  • Do a under sea walk

Will keep adding to this !!

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