Alert !! Some philosophical overdose ahead ;)

Standing at an unconventional cross roads in life, when you start seeing a better purpose to live than just exist, when you stop doing things just for the heck of it, when you want to seek that unknown, when you want to add a genuine value to whatever you do rather than wanting to prove yourself every now & then, and when you want to experience life worth an adventurous journey, well, does it sound like you ? That’s exactly what I feel as I am penning down this first post of my site There And Back Again, which ideally should have been, by my profession, a Hello World post in a programing language of my choice.

After dreaming about writing for a long time now, I have finally taken the pen in my hand. I used to write some doggerels during my school & college days and I think by now I can put some words together which can speak better by themselves. So, what am I going to write about ?? My virtual space is going to be filled up by my loud thoughts which gets generated when my neurons get tickled by my experiences – be it of day to day events or those pertaining to life, philosophy and making a dent in the universe types, by my likes and dislikes, by My Hobbies and so on. My site is grouped into four blocks comprising three different types of blogs and one photography section.

T A L E – This blog is dedicated for Traveling-Adventure-Living-Exploring(Eating :D). The Wanderlust in me has never been so rebellious than off late. I think travel is becoming a strong source inspiration to me. Each time, being at a new place, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, tasting new cuisines, leaves me with an awe and sense of connect which is way beyond what words would convey !! I am going to share those experiences, itineraries, do’s-n-don’t on this blog. So, from places to people to food to reviews and what not, it’s all going to be here. On a side note, apart from my travels, do expect a lot of posts about “two” of my hometown cities, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

My Data Lab – Sprouting from my professional background as well as my love for Data Science & areas in its realm, it’s all going to pour out on this blog. I will share my favorite projects that I do, technical insights, experiments, product evaluation, intriguing technical issues and lot more. All for the love of Data, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics.

Brain Farts – Don’t chuckle, everyone does it ;). Well as the name suggests, this is the blog where I will write on topics ranging from A to Z. Be it books, management, movies, profession, poems, humor, Physics, hobbies, drinks, History and many more. And yes, surely from my perspective.

Photography – Something that I am learning gradually and enjoying thoroughly. I will keep updating this space with the shots I take, mainly involving subjects of Nature, Human Aspects, Abstractness, Vibrancy and Black & Whites.

Hope you enjoy spending time on my site. Feel free to reach out to me for anything, I would be more than happy to hear from you.