Prologue & Epilogue

A Man is born as a masterpiece of creation
and a unique totality in itself,
to live life as that totality.
He ‘thinks’ he has grown with time,
not physically, but having wisdom galore.
He thinks he is rich in life
and craves for leisures rife.
He does anything for that success
and he even succeeds some-times,
the ‘Time’ which he often boasts as ‘His Time’.

‘Time’ – which has never been anyone’s!
People have fought for it
and will always fight for it,
just for a tag which grants them ‘Their Time’.
When the time is still ‘Their Time’,
it’s the WILL POWER and STRENGTH at play,
but when the clock stops ticking,
the same ‘Time’ becomes FATE and DESTINY.
Those cherished labels seem to be lost,
due to the loose and shallow mind’s frost.
He suddenly becomes poor,
with all that richness of life vanished.
And the success which he thought is always his,
is no more on the horizon and remains just a wish.

All this to the rational animal,
who learns the PROLOGUE of life
but fails to understand the EPILOGUE of life
and gets stuck in between the two,
which is nothing but ‘The Dramatic Time’.
Success, Will Power, Destiny & Wisdom,
all these are just within the perceptive mind,
which is usually shadowed by whims of all kind.
If one contemplates on this creator’s design,
one ends up with a well scripted EPILOGUE of life
and a purpose, well beyond just ‘Their Time’ !!

– Yours Truly