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Prologue & Epilogue

Prologue & Epilogue

A Man is born as a masterpiece of creation
and a unique totality in itself,
to live life as that totality.
He ‘thinks’ he has grown with time,
not physically, but having wisdom galore.
He thinks he is rich in life
and craves for leisures rife.
He does anything for that success
and he even succeeds some-times,
the ‘Time’ which he often boasts as ‘His Time’.

‘Time’ – which has never been […]

There And Back Again – Here’s to the new beginning

Alert !! Some philosophical overdose ahead ;)

Standing at an unconventional cross roads in life, when you start seeing a better purpose to live than just exist, when you stop doing things just for the heck of it, when you want to seek that unknown, when you want to add a genuine value to whatever you do rather than wanting to prove yourself every now […]